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Milkman Trevor raises £51,000 for charity!

Trevor raises 51 thousand pounds for The Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Trevor Hanover first came to Anna Leigh Vocal Studios in 2014 with the goal of singing 'My way' at the Rainbow trust charity ball to raise money for the children's charity. He had never sang before and was very nervous to attend his first lesson. He even told me he came to us as it was the furthest studio from where he lived. After lots of practice and hard work in 2015 Trevor had a standing ovation singing ' My way" and raised £5,000 for the charity. The rainbow trust was a charity close to his heart.

From this Trevor's next singing dream was to compare the next ball in 2017 and to sing a full set of songs, this was not only to entertain the audience but to help raise even more money for the Rainbow Trust. For two years Trevor worked very hard on his voice every day and in turn working on his confidence. Trevor would do karaoke nights and the sing at ALVS shows to gain more experience on stage. Also alongside his lessons he attended acting coaching to help towards his presenting skills.

On Saturday 4th November Trevor presented the whole ball and sang his set of songs with great passion and confidence. Trevor raised over fifty one thousand pounds that evening for the Rainbow trust Children's Charity! I could not be prouder of him for what he has achieved and it just shows with passion and determination you can do anything you set your mind to!


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