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At Anna Leigh Vocal Studios we love to showcase our students and help them the best we can to be seen in the music industry.  We offer advice and guidance on songwriting, getting gigs and contacting record labels.


At ALVS, we all work as a team and support one another on our singing journeys. You can keep in touch with other students by joining our private #teamalvs facebook group when you start your lessons. Check out some of our students work  in the gallery below.



mary .jpg



I am thoroughly enjoying my Vocal Coaching with Anna Leigh. I look forward to my lessons. I have found out how the voice works and the tips to help me reach the notes I struggle with. I have discovered that I have a new chest voice within me and I like that .I surprise my self and Anna Leigh by hitting a high note that I had never hit before. My confidence is growing more and more. I can't thank her enough. She is so talented and an extremely qualified Tutor. I never think twice about practicing everything I have done, even in my car where ever I am. Practice makes perfect as they say. I have all ready recommended Anna to friends and will continue to do so.



North Shields

When I started my singing lessons with Anna Leigh vocal studios back in 2016 I was so excited I used to be shy but since I’m having these vocal lessons my confidence has gotten stronger Anna Leigh makes you feel relaxed and comfortable with out the help and having the confidence boost I wouldn’t have done open mic or any gigs as I used to get so nervous but if your ever looking for singing lessons wether it’s for a friend or someone who loves to sing then please look up Anna Leigh vocal studios and get booking it’s great fun you learn a lot.



North Shields

Anna Leigh is an excellent vocal instructor. Whether you're completely new to singing or have been singing for a long time but want to improve your voice, learn technique, etc. she's got you covered! She is professional, talented and kind. When I started lessons a year ago, I was already a vocalist, but with no formal training. In the past year, Anna has helped me with a lot, including auditions for The Voice, preparing my original music to be performed and recorded, developing the different parts of my voice, and expanding my range. Since I've lived quite a distance from Anna Leigh's studio the past year, I've had my lessons via Skype. They have all been great, and I really like that they are all recorded and sent to me to use to practice. I already feel I have learned a lot, and am looking forward to continuing my lessons with Anna so I can improve my voice even more!




I started to attend Anna’s lessons because my daughter gave me some vouchers as a present.  I’m a guitarist mainly and although I have sung backing vocals, I have never attempted or had the confidence or indeed the talent to sing lead!

I am full of praise for Anna, through her empathetic style of coaching and her methodical and logical approach I am now much more confident and am looking forward to improving further.  Anna’s style of teaching suits me.  If I can try to summarise, I come away with three things from each lesson ,I understand what’s going on in my body, she identifies short fixes to instantly improve my vocal and Longer term exercises  and goals for permanent improvement. I am very happy to recommend Anna; she is a fantastic teacher in every aspect.




Anna Leigh is a skilled Vocal Coach. I love how much care she takes of her students and really helps them develop safely. She is not worried to send them to see a ENT at hospital if she feels they have vocal heath problems 




I am early retired and decided to see if I could improve my "karaoke voice". I've always sang since I was young but never had any professional lessons. I read Anna's testimonials and decided to give it a go. Well, all I can say is that Anna is friendly , enthusiastic and so knowledgeable in her field. I've learnt so much and would highly recommend Anna to anyone with a desire to sing. 

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North Shields

I decided to search for some voice coaching at the start of 2018 because as always having a quiet voice, this was something I wanted to work on.. A great relaxed start with Anna soon became a fun experience and with voice development growing, my interest in singing emerged as a bonus.... Now I enjoy the whole experience and have even taken part in a recent show! Anna is a skilled coach with oodles of patience and encouragement. I would certainly recommend ALVS to anyone... you won’t be disappointed!




I went to Anna Leigh with medial problems with my voice. Through speech level singing Anna has sorted everything out my voice is stronger than ever! The woman is a genius.




Over the last few years I have often typed “Speech Level Singing North East”  into Google as I was desperate to study it after being introduced to the techniques of Seth Riggs whilst performing as a ‘Headliner’ for the major American Cruise lines. Unfortunately my search had been unsuccessful until now, when after trying numerous vocal coaches/singing teachers in the North East, and still not getting to the route of my vocal problems and in fact in some ways exacerbating the problem. I once again typed Speech Level Singing North East into google – in desperation, as I was about to give up singing and came across Anna’s vocal studio. Thank you Google,but most of all THANK YOU ANNA, as at last I have found someone I trust with my voice, within 10 minutes of my first lesson, Anna identified the main problems and we have moved on in leaps and bounds since then . I am getting my voice – which has earned me a great living for 20 years – back ( when I thought it was gone forever) I have fallen back in love with singing, and always look forward to the lessons.Anna is a great teacher, who explains things better than anyone I know, but the best thing is Anna’s obvious passion for Speech Level Singing and how it can help her students.




After being advised to get my son Oliver who is only 8 a vocal coach I contacted Anna Leigh for help. Anna Leigh who is situated in the North East was the perfect choice because not only did my son love her and feel happy and comfortable in her lesson which is very important for a child but he has improved so much within a matter of weeks whereby his voice is more powerful reaching lower notes that he was unable to reach before his lessons. Oliver has not only improved but it has given him more confidence in himself and his singing. Thank you so much for all your help and support!



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