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The North East's First


Singing Instructor!


Discover your true vocal potential..

If you are looking for singing lessons in the North East, then you have come to the right place! Anna Leigh Vocal Studios is an award winning studio run by the first and most qualified IVA teacher in the North East. We work with students of all ages, from beginners to professional level, in our studio and online. Whether you are working towards an audition, performance or you want to know how to keep your voice healthy, then we can help you.

We regularly work with students who want to sing for fun, after all thatʼs what singing is all about! We also help students who want to achieve confidence in singing, which can also lead to confidence in everyday life. Anna Leigh is a mentor teacher with 10 years of training and has studied with the worlds experts in voice to enable her to bring you the highest quality of vocal instruction. She has trained with the Institute of Vocal Advancement since 2010 and is tested on a yearly basis to keep up this standard of instruction. Be sure to check out our FAQ's page for further information on the studio.

Anna Leigh Singing Lessons North East

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