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Recording Studio Experience

Broadwater Recording Studio Visit

In October 10 of our students had the opportunity to go to Broadwater Recording Studios, to record some songs they have been working on in their lessons. This is a a visit we do four times a year and we always have such a great time! Each of our students records a song in the professional and very snazzy recording booth while our producer Adam records them at the mixing desk. Students always come out of the studio feeling very proud of what they have produced and find it a all around fun and confidence building experience.

One of the students we had on this visit was Caroline and she had a very special reason for her recording! She recorded a song for her wedding that week! This was a surprise recording of 'with or without you' for her husband to be! Lets just say this was a tear jerker and a very proud bride to be! I was so honoured to hear this song being played at her wedding to her husband! Great success!

Well done everyone super proud of you all! Can't wait for our next visit!

Anna Leigh x


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