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Sound Wave Music Competition Final 2017

Sound Wave Music Competition 2017

I had the pleasure of being judges for the Sound Wave Music competition Final at the 02 Newcastle! We had a fantastic evening watching some of the most talented artists in the North East. I also met some lovely co judges from Spark FM and Capital Radio, lets say we felt rather in the hot seat!

The evening consisted of all variety of acts from Rock bands, acoustic indie acts to pop music. There was also a variety of ages from only 13 years to a farther and son act. As judges we marked acts on such aspects as stage presence, pitch, rhythm and originality then gave live feedback. The rest of the votes were via public texting. The standard was so high we really found it hard to guess who would win!

The evening ended with Chris Pryke a acoustic solo singer winning with his crystle clear voice! Well done to all who performed you were all winners in our eyes!

Anna Leigh x


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