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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Well... at present the whole North East is a blanket of white! We hope to have spring soon!

So we have had a very busy start to the year! I have been on my honeymoon where there was sun! I had a great time away and even got the chance to have a little sing song doing karaoke in Thailand!

I am very excited to write this blog about everything we have coming up this year!

Last year we had 4 amazing shows, 2 recording studio visits and a charity afternoon tea! We had over 80 students involved in our events!

I even got time to get married and pass my level 4 teaching exam! 8 years of training which has paid off! We had the launch of our new huddies and t shirts! TEAMALVS! Oh and a total decoration of the studio! I cant wait to get some professional pictures take by our photographer Michael to share with you all!

This year will be just as exciting we have our Recording studio visits in May and our annual summer show in July! We are also in the middle of organising a charity Karaoke evening for our students to have fun singing and catching up with one another whilst raising money for a good cause.

I will also get the chance in April to attend the IVA conference 'IVACON' this is a conference where IVA vocal coaches from all over the world get together for a full week of training by the worlds experts!!

I cant wait to see what my students achieve this year! I will keep you updated!

Keep singing

Anna Leigh xx


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