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A story of how I went from feeling nervous to loving performing! Joanne's Story

A story of how I went from feeling nervous to loving performing!

I started my lessons with Anna back in August 2015. I had ‘noodled’ around in the house singing and had been a member of a local choir for a couple of years, but wanted to see what my voice could do and if I could improve my singing. I really had no other ambition beyond that and apart from a couple of choir events had no experience of singing in front of anyone. My husband treated me to some lessons with Anna.

Although I had no specific goal I left feeling after that first lesson that I could learn and wanted to stick with it. December that year I sang at the event with ALVS in Cullercoats. I was so nervous I felt sick and my knees were shaking, especially after soundcheck when I heard some of the other singers. But the audience were so supportive and although I cannot honestly say I enjoyed it, I was so glad I did. So for any other students out there who are not sure – do it, you won’t regret it!

I continued with my lessons as and when I could, and I must confess I didn’t practice as often as I should, but my voice was improving and my confidence slowly but surely growing. During the latter part of 2016 due to some difficult family issues I lost heart and focus in my lessons, but Anna stuck with me and encouraged me to not give up. It was the right thing to do!

I performed a song at a charity gig in May 2017 with some of Anna’s other students, and in August that year performed with my husband at an event arranged by another student Steve. If I am honest the nerves still prevented me from fully enjoying singing in front of an audience, but again so glad I did it. The December show in Cullercoats last year was the first time I felt the enjoyment of getting up and performing. It was a cracking show all round and I had a great time with the other students. We are students after all; everyone is learning and at different stages and singing for different reasons.

Which brings me up to the start of June this year, when I performed a 35 minute set at a lovely event put on by ‘Teardrop’, a local charity. Husband on guitar, me singing. Did I enjoy it? Yes, every minute of it. I felt confident and happy and smiley. The last minute lesson I had that morning definitely helped – thanks Anna! But it took almost three years for me to get to that stage and want to do more. So this is a personal story about me, but I would say whatever your reasons for singing then those are the right reasons. Don’t compare yourself with others, practice, sing songs you love, sing songs that will teach you something, and enjoy yourself.

Joanne x


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