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Singing as a therapy!

Singing as a therapy!

I have struggled with a medical condition called M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) which is a condition that affects your immune and nervous systems. Everyday is painful, tough and debilitating. Along with this I’ve battled serious anxiety and self- esteem issues. However, though love, support and understanding from friends and family (and therapy). I have come a long way.

I have been with Anna-Leigh since I was 17. I’m 23 now. Anna has been so much more than a vocal coach! She’s been a role model, a therapist and a friend. Anna has seen me at my worst and she has seen me grow and develop as a singer and as a person. Singing has been the ultimate therapy. The emotional outlet singing gives you is indescribable. Having something to work on and develop, like my voice, gives me some focus and direction. I have come to the conclusion, I’m not a big waste of space, I can do what I want to do, what people think of you does not matter, you need to believe in yourself, otherwise you will be stuck in the same place forever. All the cliches you can think of, but they are cliches because they are true. My biggest critic is myself. Nobody gives me a tougher time than me, but I’ve learned how to be critical of myself without tearing myself apart. I’ve even learned how to give myself praise. Even when things have not gone perfectly, but taking the positives with the negatives (and believe me when I say the negatives are not the end of the world). I really struggled at college, my condition was bad, my anxiety through the roof, my confidence and self esteem though the floor.

The bad times are still bad, M.E is a daily fight in itself, I still struggle with my confidence, but the good times feel a million times better, because I’m not wasting all my energy on tearing myself down.

So for all of you don’t believe in yourselves. Newsflash, I didn’t once upon time, but, look at me now. If you have seen me perform at the summer and christmas shows at ALVS, you’ll know I love getting the audience involved, dancing and singing along. The first ever show i did, I couldn’t let go of the microphone stand and couldn’t make eye contact with the crowd, I couldn’t get of the stage quick enough at the end. My legs like jelly. I’ve come such a long way. So before I sign out of here, here’s one more little nugget of wisdom, my personal favourite. Every negative thought holds you back, every positive thought propels you forward, you are an amazing person, remember that singing has helped me realise this!

Lisa xx


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