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Elliot's Journey: Accepted for a scholarship at 13 years old!

Elliot Performing at Anna Leigh Vocal Studios show

My journey began at the age of seven when children in need were holding a singing contest in my local shopping centre. I was chosen as the winner and the following weekend I was invited to London for the regional finals. Debbie Issitt (the director and writer of the Nativity film) picked me as the winner and I was rewarded with a film role in Nativity 3 and the chance to perform at the film premier in Leicester square.

My next chapter seen me travelling to London once a month to participate in workshops produced by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical. I was invited to audition for Billy Elliot the Musical. When I first arrived, I felt nervous and did not know what to expect as this was my first audition. The day began with hundreds of kids who we were separated into different rooms which consisted of singing, acting and dancing sessions. Through-out the day my confidence grew as I was getting through the stages while others were being let go.

The auditions continued over the next few months with me travelling to and from London. Nervously waiting, after the last audition we were told that we would hear the result within five working days. That day finally came and I was offered the role of Michael in Billy Elliot The Musical Tour.

The time to move to London came around fast. Before I knew it, I was living in a house with fifteen other children training for the stage 12:00 – 18:00 every day. Yes, I admit, it was hard to move away from my family at the age of nine but I would talk to them every night and once the show began I would work for three weeks and go home for one. 18 months later I travelled around the UK, Ireland and Germany performing every night, along with my family and friends seeing me at every venue. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I couldn’t be anymore grateful to be a part of an amazing production.

Little did I know, a few months after being home, my next audition was around the corner. I was asked to audition for Matilda The Musical Tour and experienced the nerve racking process again. Unfortunately, we didn’t think I would be successful as my height was over the restriction specified but to my surprise, I only went and done it again! I was now playing Bruce in the touring production of Matilda. I travelled the UK for eight months performing and closed in Birmingham with all my family and friends there.

The whole process of being away from home was made a lot easier by the chaperones and adult casts making us feel like one big family.

Through-out the tours, I decided that I wanted a career within the performing arts. I started training hard in all three areas and decided to apply for an audition for Tring Park Performing Art School in London. Based on my experience, I was accepted and went through a gruelling audition process. I was asked to perform multiple songs, dances and monologues which showcased my talents. After months of preparation with Anna Leigh on my songs and working on my vocal technique, the day had finally come.

I received my letter in the post and I remember opening it, not being able to breath. I had been offered a scholarship and place on the 3rd form performing arts course.

I will be moving down to London in September 2019 to start my three years training with the school. I am unbelievably excited to start this journey and can’t wait to see the outcome in many years to come.



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