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How I prepared for Music Theatre School


An interview and an insight with Laura on auditioning for Musical There School.

Q. What is your background in performing?

Laura: I started learning to dance when I was only 4 at Newcastle Dance Centre and have been there for over 14 years learning all styles of dance.

Q. What was the process involved in applying for Musical Theatre School?

2.  I had to learn to sing and act which is something I have never been familiar with and have always especially struggled with singing and had a massive fear off singing infront of people. I applied in 2018 and wasn't sucsseful as I had not prepared my self in the singing and acting area of it so I applied again in 2019. I worked really really hard on my singing by attending lessons with Anna Leigh for over 5 months and it payed off. I had to send of application forms to all the schools and then I was invited to an audition date for each one

Q. What did you have to prepare for your audition?

3. I had to prepare 2 monologues one contemporary and one Shakespeare for different schools and 2 songs one of my choice in which I did one from bring it on and one pre 1965 ballad.

Q. Did you get. offer right away at the audition?

4. I didn't get an offer the offer came only after the audition as that's how they determine if u will get a place

Q. how far in advance did you have to start preparing for your auditions?

5. Roughly 12 months

Q. How many offers did you get the second time you applied for Music Theatre School, once you had prepared in advance?

6. I ended up getting 7 offers from schools the second time around.

Q.What advice would you give to others applying for Music Theatre School?

7. I would say the most important thing is to start preparing early don't leave it too late like I did the first time round that I applied. Make sure you have trained in all 3 areas singing, dancing and acting not just the one your most advanced at and are top of your fitness game eating well and training like an athlete . Get your applications in early so you get the first choice of audition dates so you don't end up with one late in the process meaning there would be less spaces available. Make it your main focus above anything else and main priority.

Anna Leigh


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